We, a small group of young researchers on UPE, have set goals to improve on the communication between researchers. We are spread all over the world. Experiments and ideas are usually discussed with a few people, happening to be interested in the same thing. But people, having the knowledge and experiences, sharing the enthusiasm and ideas, are not always within hand reach. In order to close this gap, we have set up this Wiki.

The goals:
- (improvement of) passing on knowledge from young to old
- improvement of insight in ongoing projects and facilitate communication when interested

- the Wiki will become a platform for people interested in UPE. One can find information and discussion, learn and ask questions.
- the Wiki will be updated periodically
- a newsletter (from time to time) will inform about progress made in this field, where people can propose their ideas and where new publications will be listed.
- People can respond at the Discussion-section.
- a database will be used when comparison and unification of data is needed.