The 9th Ultra-Weak Photon Emission Workshop, Prague:


Summer 2013 Newsletter


Last Chance to submit your abstracts and register for the great international conference in Olomouc
(deadline: March 30, 2013)


The 8th Ultra-Weak Photon Emission Workshop: LINK

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Here you can see the new graph about the growing interest in UPE. Amount of UPE Wiki visitors over the last 4 years.

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The New Year 2013 Newsletter


New UPE Newsletter came out:


We are alos please to present the international conference "Fields of the Cell" to be held in Basel, Switzerland during October 6-7, 2012,
dedicated to basic research and theory on cell electromagnetic fields and their contribution to life processes.


We are pleased to announce the 7th International Workshop on Ultra-weak Photon Emission of Biological Systems. The workshop will be held on 4 October 2012 in Zurich, Switzerland.


SIXth UPE Workshop in Paris on 5th May 2012. Abstracts can be submitted until 1. of April.

Please send your abstract and register to
Christian Brouder: Christian.Brouder (at)


Some news on low light imaging:


First of all the team wishes all of you a happy new year 2012 full of success. We hope to meet you all again during 2012.
As you can see in the graph bellow the interest in UPE research and our wikispace has been growing in the last years.



Biophysical Seminars in Quantum Biology and Quantum Medicine

organized by the Institute of Matter structure and Laser Physics of the Technical University of Crete-Greece
takes place in Chania-Crete-Greece on the 13 and 14 of October 2011
contact person : Tzambazakis Antonis


Prof. Larissa Brizhik (Professor of Theoretical physics, Leading research fellow, head of the department of nonlinear condensed matter physics at the Bogolyubov Institute for Theoretical Physics, Prigogine Gold Medal 2011 (Wessex Institute of Technology)
Dr. Boris Grubnik (Director of the Scientific Research centre of Quantum Medicine VIDHUK of Ministry of Health of Ukraine

Lecture Program:

October 13th:

Larissa Brizhik
Nonlinear mechanism of energy and charge transport in macromolecules.
Boris Grubnik
Sanological mechanism and clinical effects of the influence of electromagnetic fields of millimeter range on human organism.

October 14th:

Larissa Brizhik
Electromagnetic properties of electrosolitons and their role in self-organisation of living matter
Boris Grubnik
Microwave resonance therapy, a new technology in medicine

Invitation to the 5th Young Ultra-weak Photon Emission Research Workshop to be held on 23rd October 2011 at Palacký University in
Olomouc (Czech Republic).

Due to the inability of some UPE researchers to attend the seminar on 23rd
October 2011, the date of seminar has been changed to 8th October 2011.

All informations are in the PDF attachement:

A new function has been added to the Database. You can now add the link of your paper to the publication of the journal. This allows it to not only access the the data, but also rapidly find the original publication.

Electromagnetic fields and Quantum phenomena in the Biological Systems
that takes place in Poznań on the 20 Mai 2011
Organizer: Department of Biophysics, Poznań University of Medical Sciences of Poznań
Patronage: Polish Biophysical Association
Internet page of the Symposium:

9th International Frölich's Symposium
Including Microtubule Coherent Modes and Cancer Cell Physics
takes place in Prague, Czech Republic, 1-3 July 2011
Abstract submission deadline is March 31. Upload your abstract here:

The YUPER Workshop will be on April 10th 2011. Check out the details.

Now new for all the Delayed Luminescence measurements, you can add the light source and illumination time of your samples. Enjoy!!

The third Young Biophoton Scientist Seminar (YBSS) will take place on sunday november 14th. Please check out the details!

A new function has been added to the UPEDB. Thanks to it the adding of data become really easy. Click on


in the main window to follow the path trough the database to add all the required data. We hope that thanks to this data uploading becomes faster and easier for everyone. Check it out:

Symposium on the Primo Vascular System on the ISPS 2010, is on the 17.18 sept of this year. More information on:

We have opened our library with many old papers which are directly linked from this webpage.
A big thank you to Rebeca Tombolatto for the work she did.


Poster session will be organized at the upcoming IIB Biophotonics Summer School 2010 which will be held will in August, 1st to 6th 2010. It is a great opportunity to present and discuss your research with lecturers and other participants of the Summer School. Deadline for abstract is 1st July 2010. Later submission of the abstract will be considered on a space availability basis.Call for poster abstracts is available here: .

Submit your article! The deadline for the next newsletter is the 1st of March.

Do you have published lately? Send in your references!

Do you have interesting findings, ideas, articles that inspired you? Send a mail to We are looking forward to read and publish your writing.

The Database-team

The "2nd Young biophoton scientists seminary" will be held in Prague on 10th of April 2010. For more info see official announcement: . We are all looking forward to meet you there.

Merry Christmas and successful and happy New Year 2010 wishes you UPE-Database team.

On the 9th of January a "Young biophoton scientists seminary" will be held in Nijmegen. People will tell about and discuss their research and ongoing projects. For more information you can contact the team (see Team in navigation-bar).

Download the newest Newsletter from our Newsletter section. Read and learn about Photonemission and the regulation Diagnostics. The first comments have already been send in by fellow researchers and can be found in the Discussion section on the navigation bar. Check it out!

The database is ready to use!!!

Download the user manual here:

Where do we stand with the project: PPT

Session on "Biophotonics: Basis and Applications" at the Progress in Electromagnetics Research Symposium (PIERS) takes places in Moscow on Friday 2009/08/21. Final program

As every year many of us will be present at the IIB Summer School 09. More information here:

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics invites manuscript submissions in the area Biophotonics. The deadline for submission of manuscripts is August 1, 2009; publication is scheduled for July/August of 2010. More details: Call for papers

About thirty papers from 1920s and 1930s in German dealing with mitogenetic radiation are available under apparently freely accessible journal
Development Genes and Evolution. Just type "mitogenetische" or "gurwitsch" into the "Find" box on the right, tick "Within this journal", then search for the articles. Original name of the journal where the papers were published was (Wilhelm Roux') Archiv für Entwicklungsmechanik der Organismen.

We would to like to draw the attention of those interested in statistical properties of UPE to the following paper:
Biological Structure as a Converter of Coherent Radiation, A. H. Budagovsky, O. H. Budagovskaya and I. H. Budagovsky, Biophotonics and Coherent Systems in Biology , 2007, p.47-63
Authors, among other experiments described, used ordered and random phase screens (transparent layers which both keep the same intensity of the light and either keep the phase (ordered phase screen) or disrupt the phase relationship (random phase screen)). They observed significant differences in ability of UPE from human blood to influence germination of radish seeds when separated by ordered or random phase screen. This implies that statistical properties of UPE play important role in UPE based communication between biological systems. See paper for the details. It is encouraged to carry out experiments on similar basis.

(2009/01/25) The NEWSLETTER is out!!!! you can find it here: Newsletter. Support us and become a sponsor to recieve the newsletter 4 times a year!!!Sponsoring the UPEDB is the best way to improve the research of the UPE field!!!

(2009/01/22) The XXVI PIERS 2009 in Moscow, RUSSIA

submit a paper to the session: Biophotonics: Basis and Applications submit

(2008/12/19): We wish you all a happy christmas and a happy new year. Next year will be full of new papers and new tools for UPE research.

(2008/11/13) The creation of the database on official webpage started !