How to become a member :

go to:

-On this link you will find on the upper right corner a button called JOIN.

-There you need to create an account. Enter Name, password, Email....

-Then you need to join the UPE wikispace. You can search for “UPE” and you should find it.

-Once you joined (you NEED to join the group to be permitted to change something on it) the UPE database, an organiser should authorise you as a member. During the week this should happened within 24h.

After what you are officially member of the UPE database. You are free and welcome to:

- Add an experiment of yours, in the experiment page (How to do it is explained bellow).

- Discuss about open topics, create new topics. (There are discussions on each page: welcome, rules, experiments.)

- Add news on the front page about a recent paper for example.

- Add a page you think is important, like links to papers in the UPE domain for example.

- Please do not erase / modify the work of others. You might get banned.

Since the main purpose of this page is to have one sample of each PMT and CCD camera, I describe the easiest way how to upload your experiment:

1. Go on the experiment page
2. Click on “EDIT THIS PAGE”
3. Copy one of the two experiments description and paste it bellow
4. Change the description according to your experiment(s) and device(s).
5. If your list is longer then the list online, add as many points as you want.
6. If you do not have the requested information enter “N/A”
7. Click on the little tree named “ADD IMAGE”: This opens a window where you can upload your files an insert them at the bottom of the description
8. Once you are done click on “SAVE”
9. If your data is not a file but just an average number of counts replace 7&8 by entering the number after : “Average number of counts:”

One experiment of each device should be enough to give us an idea what we are dealing with.

I hope you will all respond to this request to build up this database.

For any questions :