Ultra Weak Photon Emission Database

Welcome to the Ultra Weak Photon Emission Database!

This sites provide solid ground for people interested or involved with Ultraweak Photon Emission (UPE). UPE standing for Ultraweak photon emission, also known as biophoton emission, chemiluminescence or mitogenetic radiation; is nowadays a well known phenomenon. Even if scientists are now working for decades on the question, what the source of UPE is, there is no absolute answer. The ins and outs can soon be found on this site.

Starting from this Wiki, we will provide a database for both literature and research. At the moment we are making progress in giving shape to both databases. But the idea is that literature is ordered and easily accessible through references and additional links to them. Links to the available data in the database, relating to the article-topics, will also be provided.

Additionally there we provide the news and there is a forum, where people can discuss the subject, bring up ideas, or ask there way around for a certain topic. The site is meant to be structured, interactive and informative.

If you have any questions, please contact us. Don't hesitate!

Please enjoy!

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