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Title : Highly sensitive determination of transient generation of biophotons during hypersensitive response to cucumber mosaic virus in cowpea.
from : Kobayashi M, Sasaki K, Enomoto M, Ehara Y.

Title : Reactive oxygen species and related haem pathway components as possible epigenetic modifiers in neurobehavioural pathology.
from : Gericke GS.

Titel: Effects of exercises on biophoton emission of the wrist
from : Frédéric Laager , Sang-Hyun Park, Joon-Mo Yang, Wook Song and Kwang-Sup Soh

Title:Photon-counts during germination of wheat (Triticum aestivum) in wastewater sediment solutions correlated with seedling growth
From: Cristiano de Mello GALLEP, Samuel Ricardo dos SANTOS,

5.Evidence for non-chemical, non-electrical intercellular signaling
in intestinal epithelial cells. Ashkan Farhadi , Christopher Forsyth, Ali Banan, Maliha Shaikh,
Phillip Engen, Jeremy Z. Fields, Ali Keshavarzian

6.Effects of carbonyl cyanide 3-chlorophenylhydrazone on yeast biophoton emission
From: Frederic Laager

7.Studies on distant regulation of bacterial growth and light emission
Maxim V. Trushin
Microbiology 149 (2003), 363-368; DOI 10.1099/mic.0.25825-0
© 2003 Society for General Microbiology
Reciprocal interactions of two Escherichia coli MC1061 cultures separated by a glass window were investigated.

8. Experimental biology the complete document
- Free radicals and low-level photon emission in human pathogenesis
- Biophysical aspects of cancer – Electromagnetic mechanism
- Ultra-low luminescence of humid air and its possible role in negative air ion therapy
- Development of a fluorescence stereomicroscope and observation of Bong-Han
corpuscles inside blood vessels
- In vivo visualization of Bonghan ducts inside blood vessels of mice by using an
Alcian blue staining method
- Imaging of biophoton emission from electrostimulated skin acupuncture point jg4:
Effect of light enhancer
- Quantum squeezed state analysis of spontaneous ultra weak light photon emission of
practitioners of meditation and control subjects
- Nonlinear mechanism for weak photon emission from biosystems
- Laser-Ultraviolet-A induced ultra weak photon emission in human skin cells
- Corresponding measurements of delayed luminescence and impedance spectroscopy on
acupuncture points
- Physical properties of biophotons and their biological functions
- Principles of complementary medicine in terms of a suggested scientific basis
- Common threads
- Mode coupling in living systems: Implications for biology and medicine
- Consciousness enigma: The "hard problem" – binding problem entanglement, "extra
ingredient" and field principle
- Physical basis of adverse and therapeutic effects of low intensity microwave radiation
- Quantum nature of photon signal emitted by Xanthoria parietina and itsimplications to
& more...

9. Delayed luminescence of high homeopathic potencies on sugar globuli
K Lenger1 RP Bajpai and M Drexel In Homeopathy (2008) 97, 134–140

10. Title: Sources and functions of ultra-weak photon emission
Frederic Laager Master Thesis Seoul National University BPL

11.Frontiers in Optics (FiO) 2008
FTuX. Biosensing
(FTuX4) Fast Evaluation of Soil Toxicity by Photon-Counts of In-Dark Wheat Seedlings
Samuel R. Santos, Cristiano M. Gallep; State Univ. of Campinas{6FF60BD7-EB1E-43F3-8CBE-8A09F6167F71}&SKey={EF8CDE96-4B26-40BA-A264-F1F012D570D2}&MKey={3FD9D629-4437-44A3-B8B4-305DCE4AA967}&AKey={57B06C54-08A9-4FEF-9FDE-02D441047638}

JWA. Joint FiO/LS Poster Session II
(JWA3) Stressed Daphnia similis’ Ultra-Weak Light Emission
Natally A. Siqueira, Cristiano M. Gallep; State Univ. of Campinas{287A01ED-37AC-4F47-8ECB-B3E6A6253024}&SKey={C944939D-88B4-4FC3-9F34-40E486CB66A5}&MKey={3FD9D629-4437-44A3-B8B4-305DCE4AA967}&AKey={57B06C54-08A9-4FEF-9FDE-02D441047638}

Back-illuminated electron multiplying technology: the world’s most sensitive CCD for ultralow-light microscopy, Colin G. Coates, Donal J. Denvir, Emer Conroy, Noel G. McHale, Keith Thornbury, Mark Hollywood . (2003).Proc. SPIE, 4962: pages 319 to 328.

Enhanced sensitivity, speed and resolution: Optimizing low-light microscopy with the back-illuminated electron multiplying CCD, Coates et al. (2004). Journal of Biomedical Optics, 9(6)

Effects of Lac Operon Activation, Deletion of the Yhha Gene, and the Removal
of Oxygen on the Ultra-Weak Photon Emission of Escherichia coli
Frédéric M. Laager ; Nicholas M. Becker ; Sang-Hyun Park ; Kwang-Sup Soh; Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, 28: 240–249, 2009

Spontaneous and visible light-induced ultraweak photon emission from rat
Chao Wang1, István Bókkon2*, Jiapei Dai1, István Antal3
Brain Research 2010 In press

Quickenden, T. I., Que Hee, S. S.(1981) On the existence of mitogenetic radiation. Speculation in Science and Technology. Vol 4, 453-464

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